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Home International and Celtic Challenge

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The 2016 St. Patrick's Coast Ride was be held on 10th and 11th of September and was host ride for the Home International and Celtic Challenge competitions where teams of 6 riders from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland competed  for the much sought after trophies.

There will be a more comprehensive report published here in due course but in the meantime:-

Congratulations to:

Wales on wining the Celtic Challenge

Scotland on the Home International success

and to all riders finishing and especially those who completed there first ride at the next level or distance.

Result Downloads

The overall results are listed below and can be downloaded here

The timings and data from the ER rides can be downloaded here

We hope to maybe publish more timings in the weeks ahead for other classes

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2016 St. Patrick's Coast Results

Home International

1st Scotland (6 riders home)

2nd England (5 riders home)

3rd Wales (4 riders home)

4th Ireland (3 riders home)

Home International Best Novice

1st Hannah Sedwick and Carrowkeel (England)

2nd Amy Murphy and Candy (Ireland)

3rd Jocelyn Gray and Touchdown Boris (Scotland)

4th Kate Hill and Endymion under and over (Wales)

Home International Best Junior

1st Holly Alego and Sir Nunns Lady Samantha (Scotland)

2nd Lily Gibbons and Sandy W (England)

Celtic Challenge

1st Wales (5 riders home, total distance 408km)

2nd Scotland (5 riders home, total distance 328km)

3rd Ireland (4 riders home)

Celtic Challenge Best Novice

1st Arlene Parvin and Kingsmeadowhouse Magic Maker (scotland)

2nd Sian Hill and The Red Barron (Wales)

3rd Kim Murphy and Jumpingdale Sydney (Ireland)

Celtic Challenge Best Junior

1st Cerys Hill and Gauffron Spring Boy (Wales)

2nd Grainne Paterson and Tannasg Psyonmy (Scotland)


160km ER

1st Jenni Cunningham and She Stoops to Conquer

2nd Francisca Bakker and Aratahnes Aphrodite

3rd Iain Paterson and Tannasg Primo Dancer

4th Hannah Maskell and Simeric Smooth Criminal
5th Sally Toye and Emira Bint Letifa

6th Jane Greatorex and Trust Me Too

7th Sue Box and Kazeme el Mystral


120KM 2 Day

1st Heather Weston and Vlacq Flint Accoloade

2nd Constance Newbould and Zarkhruv

3rd Morgan Skillen and Mayo



1st Chris MacMillan and Coolagoree Glen Thunder

2nd Jessica Sedgwick and Good Morgan

3rd Helen Perry and Midnight Crusade

4th Heather Weston and Vlacq Flint Accolade

5th Ella Bunting and EAS Boadicea

6th Constance Newbould and Zarkhruv

7th Rachel Lima and Zameel

8th Morgan Skillen and Mayo

9th Cheryl Wallace and Lindston Kytrina

10th Nicola Hamilton and Magic Storm


Best ILDRA CTR Member

Karina McVeigh and Cheyenne


Best ILDRA PR Member

Kirsty Morton and Little Miss Betsy


Team Reserves Competition

1st Team 3

Kath Wilson

Emma Hayes

Chloe Delaney

Jessica Sedgwick

2nd Team 1

Cheryl Wallace

Anna Blackwell

Emily Nott

Jane Greatorex

3rd Team 2

Ella Bunting

Becca MacMillan

Max Wilson

SJ Scrase


Riding Club

1st The Wild Mustangs

Kate Russell

Allison Sloan

Bree Rutledge

Michaela Glass


Pony Club

1st Sian Hill

2nd Cerys Hill

3rd Amy Murphy

4th Kate Kill

5th Lily Gibbons

6th Max Wilson


Special Award

Willow O'Carroll

Lily Gibbons


Result Downloads

The overall results are listed below and can be downloaded here

The timings and data from the ER rides can be downloaded here

Videos Evidence

St. Patrick's Coast 2014 and Home Internationals 2015 @ the Red Deafon in Wales

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