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14 Apr 19

The Irish Long Distance Riding Association (ILDRA) headed to the west of the country for their first ride at the sprawling Florencecourt Estate on the 14th of April. A wintry chill was in the air with hints of rain although many riders made their way around the trails before the rains began. Both CTR (Competitive Trail Rides) and Pleasure riders enjoyed the varied trails at Florencecourt which meander through streams and over quaint wooden bridges of the Claddagh River. The riders then made their way towards the mountainous section of the trails of Benaughlin Mountain before descending along the Cuilcagh Way which offers superb views across County Fermanagh and County Monaghan.

The attending veterinary on the day was David Nealon, MRCVS with all horses passing their respective endurance distances. An endurance rider, Hannah Catterall on her new horse, ‘Hugo’ was also introduced to his first ever pleasure ride and even tried out a vetting. Experienced FEI endurance rider Martin McNamara on ‘Finbar’ completed a 40km CTR showing excellent talent and successfully gaining ‘Finbar’ his Bronze Shamrock award in endurance, the first of the graded system of endurance qualifications within ILDRA. Helen McFarland and Tasha Anderson on ‘J St Jake’ and ‘She Stoops to Conquer’ both completed longer distance rides of 40 miles in preparation for further upcoming competitions. The annual Home Internationals and Celtic Challenge for 2019 is hosted by Wales at the Red Dragon Festival of Endurance with levels of competition suitable for riders of all levels and aspiration, ILDRA strongly encourages everyone to come and try their hand at endurance.

Thanks must go to the ride organisers of Kirsten and Kathy Conly for marking and organising the ride on the day. Thanks also go to the National Trust and the Forestry Service for allowing access to the Florencecourt Estate. ILDRA’s next ride is on the 28th of April at the beautiful Shane’s Castle Estate offering CTRs up to 50 miles and Pleasure Rides around the sprawling estate. A reminder to all CTR riders to enter online or via post, for further information contact the ride organiser, Neil Anderson, or through ILDRA’s website or facebook page.


40 miles (64km)

Helen McFarland on J St Jake, Tasha Anderson on She Stoops to Conquer

30 miles (48km)

Emma Hayes on Yasser Arafat, Karina McVeigh on Cheyenne.

25 miles (40km)

Martin McNamara on Finbar.

10 miles (16km)

Dermott MacGuinness on Shinook.


Clandeboye Estate Charity Ride

30 Mar 19

Hamper 1 - # 155 - Carla Mullan
Hamper 2 - # 3 - Roz Corry
Hamper 3 - # 14 - Liz Evans
Hamper 4 - # 64 - David McAdoo
Hamper 5 - # 86 - Pauline Rainey


Gosford Forest Park

24 Mar 19

ILDRA (Irish Long Distance Riding Association) turned out in force at Gosford Forest Park near Markethill on the 24th of March. Several CTR (Competitive Trail Ride) and pleasure riders enjoyed the excellent riding conditions along the meandering woodland trails. Sunshine and warmer temperatures led to the feeling of spring in the air.

David Nealon, MRCVS, performed veterinary duties for the numerous CTR riders and their horses. All CTR riders successfully completed their respective distances with congratulations going to all riders. Experienced endurance rider, Martin McNamara, who has competed internationally at FEI level, completed a 20 mile CTR bringing ‘Sayel Al Khalediah’ to his first endurance ride. Another experienced endurance rider who has also completed FEI rides bought a new horse to compete in endurance with Nicola Boud Tighe on ‘Elan’ successfully completing a 20 mile CTR. Louise Lynn completed her first CTR with ILDRA on the experienced endurance horse of ‘Frandore Al Maury’, congratulations go to all new horses and riders.

Thanks must go to the Forestry Service for allowing access to Gosford Forest Park and to John Anderson and the Conly Family for marking and running the ride on the day. ILDRA’s next ride heads to the scenic Clandeboye Estate on the 30th of Marsh for a pleasure ride in aid of the Air Ambulance NI with amazing raffle prizes on offer, be sure to buy your tickets at the ride event or else purchase online through the dedicated charity ride page on ILDRA’s website. Please note that this ride is on a Saturday and begins at 10:30am, for further details contact ILDRA’s facebook page or the ride organiser, Helen McFarland.



33km (21 miles)

Emma Hayes on Yasser Arafat, Jocelyn Willis on Sam, Helen McFarland on J St Jake, Roseanna Andrews on She Stoops to Conquer, Ruth Lyness on Autumn’s Whisper, Nicola Boud Tighe on Elan, Louise Lynn on Frandore Al Maury, Martin McNamara on Sayel Al Khalediah, Mary Thompson on Horseware Positano, Declan Lynch on Kildare’s Rebel, Rachelle Lynch on Heidi.

48km (30 miles)

Karina McVeigh on Cheyenne. 



10 Mar 19

ILDRA (Irish Long Distance Riding Association) held their first ride at the magnificent Baronscourt Estate on the 10th of March 2019. Dedicated endurance and pleasure riders turned out on the day despite the wintry forecast. Riders and horses were ‘treated’ to a spectrum of weather events, from warming sunshine to snow blizzards!

Baronscourt Estate is located near Newtownstewart and offers beautiful trails, which were perfect for a snowy canter through the forest. Lakeside views of the sprawling estate house awaited riders on their return, along with elusive red squirrels spotted through the woods. Several CTR riders turned out to complete endurance rides with distances ranging from 12 to 30 miles. David Nealon, MRCVS, was kept extremely busy with 11 horses to check over, all of which passed their respective distances. Vincent McAufield completed his first CTR with ILDRA on his horse ‘Darcy’ completing 24 miles, Alayne Wells on ‘Marina Star’ completed her first Pre-Novice CTR of 12 miles. Congratulations go to both riders. Another very dedicated ILDRA rider, Dermott MacGuiness completed his first 30-mile endurance ride in Ireland on his horse ‘Shinook’, congratulations to Dermott.

A notable achievement was gained by Helen McFarland’s horse ‘J St Jake’ who has now completed over 6000 miles in competitive rides and is the only horse in Ireland to do so. A huge congratulations must go to Helen for her dedication and training with ‘Jake’ to achieve this momentous milestone within their endurance career. ‘Jake’ is an Arabian x Connemara standing at 14.2hh rising 24 years old and has started his 18th consecutive season of competing in endurance rides. Although only a small horse, ‘Jake’ is known for his big personality and is recognised across the endurance scene.  

Thanks must go to the ride organisers of Kirsten and Kathy Conly for marking and running the ride on the day. Thanks also go to the Duke of Abercorn for allowing access to Baronscourt Estate. ILDRA’s next ride is at Gosford Forest Park on the 24th of March offering CTR and pleasure riders. A reminder to all CTR riders to enter online or via post. For further information check ILDRA’s website, facebook page or contact the ride organiser, John Anderson.


19km (12 miles): Susan Hunter on Colour Cascade, Ruth Lyness on Autumn Whisper, Alayne Wells on Marina Star.

38km (24 miles): Emma Hayes on Yasser Arafat, Karina McVeigh on Cheyenne, Jocelyn Willis on Sam, Vincent McAufield on Darcy, Helen McFarland on J St Jake, Roseanna Andrews on Just C’Mall.

48km (30 miles): Dermott MacGuiness on Shinook, Martin McNamara on Horseware Positano.


Tollymore Forest Park

17 Feb 19

The 2019 endurance season for ILDRA (Irish Long Distance Riding Association) kicked off brilliantly on the 17th of February with all 10 CTR (Competitive Trail Rides) riders and horse successfully completing their distances. Tollymore Forest Park had an initially misty start to the day, however this soon transformed into sunshine with perfect riding conditions for both horse and rider alike. Riders enjoyed the mountainous views across the County Down landscape and coastline whilst meandering through the forest park trails along the River Shimna.

Veterinary duties were diligently performed on the day by David Nealon, MRCVS, who was kept busy throughout the day with the high number of CTR entries. Congratulations must go to Susie Kinley and her horse ‘Tippy’ who completed their first Pre-Novice CTR with ILDRA of 16km. Tippy showed excellent promise as an endurance horse, beginning and finishing on the same heart rate of 44 beats per minute. ILDRA strongly encourages everyone of all ages to try out endurance. There is always advice and help on offer and the ILDRA endurance Shamrock qualification system ensures that horses and riders build fitness correctly as they progress through the grades. Many of ILDRA’s competition horses are ‘golden oldies’ still completing distances of 50 miles, testament to the success of ILDRA’s grading system.

Thanks must go to the organisers of Neil and Tasha Anderson and to the Forestry Service for allowing access to Tollymore Forest Park. ILDRA’s next ride is on the 10th of March at the magnificent Baronscourt Estate near Omagh. Pleasure rides along with CTRs are on offer, with a reminder to all CTR riders to enter online or via post with the ride organiser. For further details please contact the ride organiser, Kathy Conly, or through ILDRA’s facebook page or website www.enduranceridingireland.com.

CTR Results

16km (10 miles): Susie Kinley on Tippy.

32km (20 miles): Emma Hayes on Yasser Arafat, Ruth Lyness on Autumn Whisper, Karina McVeigh on Cheyenne, Helen McFarland on J St Jake, Jenni Cunningham on Just C’Mall, Susan Hunter on Lucy, Mary Thompson on Horseware Positano, Dermott MacGuinness on Shinook, Jocelyn Willis on Sam.



24 Nov 18


24 Nov 18


23 Sep 18


27 May 18