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2018 Memberships now open and on-line

11 Nov 17

ILDRA membership for 2018 is now opne.

This year you can join and renew online using your credit or debit card. Visit the web site membership page for details of prices and a link to the membership shop.

You can alos register or re-register your horses and poies vai the same system which is now integarted alonsode the Ulster Braqnch CTR entry system in its new hoem at www.event-pal.com/ildra.

Details of fees for horse registrations are also listed along with the link and of course a link to a form for those not into online/credit card payments.

Please ensure you renew your membership before the first ride of the year that you are attending or by the end Jan latest. The first ride is on the 1st Jan at Gosford.

So don't wait until the last minute - renew now and enjoy Christmas. An investment for 2018...

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