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22 Jan 18

ILDRA will at all of their events have a class for TB race horses which fit the criteria laid out by RH2RH - Horses must be registered with Weatherbys or equivalent as a TB.

The winner will be the combination which has covered the most miles in the season and will be run under ILDRA Rules and regulations.

The class will be run all ILDRA rides throughout the island of Ireland run by both Ulster and Leinster branches.

To be eligible and record your rides you must either be a member and have an ILDRA horse Logbook/Registration or, for non-members, a RH2RH Special Log Card (both available from ILDRA - ask the Ride Organiser).

Pleasure and Competitive miles will count towards the total - To do competitive miles you must be an ILDRA member and have a logbook for your Horse.

The best part is Racehorse To Riding Horse have kindly sponsored a very nice trophy for the winner.

Further information will be available from the ILDRA ride organiser, RH2RH or Peter O'Carroll (ptr.ocarroll@gmail.com).

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