Endurance Riding Ireland

2nd September 2017

Downpatrick Racecourse

Ballydougan Road, Downpatrick, Co. Down

St. Patrick's Coast Endurance Ride

St. Patrick's Coast Endurance Ride, now in its 4th year, continues to delvelop. A stunning 32km (20 mile) loop taking in forest, old railways, farm lanes and fields as well as a significant distance of beaches, less than 1.5km of road work to top it off.

Taking place on Saturday 2nd September this year, it is a not to be missed day. A BBQ will be held on the Saturday evening, open to all, so make a weekend out of it, stabling is available on site as is camping for anyone interested.

The event features Pleaure Rides for all, non-members welcome, of 16km (10 miles) and 32km (20 miles) [note the 16km ride does not take in the beaches]. Competitive Rides (CTRs) from 32km (20 miles) up to 80km (50 miles) and this will be joined by Endurance Race Rides (ERs) of 80km (50 miles) and 120km (75 miles).


Please note ALL horses entering the race course property MUST have up-to-date Vaccinations. Therefore we cannot accept entries from horses or ponies that will not be up to date with their shots. Sorry no exceptions.