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St Patrick's Coast 2017 Rider Information

Welcome to St. Patricks Coast 2017

Below you will find some useful information for those taking part at St. Patrick's Coast Ride 2017

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Saturday Night BBQ

Pleasure Ride Trophy

EMERGENCY NUMBER: 077 6238 2614
Please note this number down, save in phone etc. in case it is needed on the day of the ride

St Patrick's Coast 2017 Start Times

80km ER - 8.15 Mass Start 2 x 40km loops Vet Gate after 1st loop at 40km

80km CTR - 8.25 - 8:45 2 x 40km loops Vet Gate after 1st loop at 40km

64km CTR - 8.30 - 8:45 2 x 32km loops Vet Gate after 32km

48km CTR - 8.30 - 9.00 1 x 32km + 1 x 16km Vet Gate after 32km

40km CTR - 9.00 - 9:30 1 x 40km loop No in ride Vet Gates

32km CTR - 9.00 - 10:00 1 x 32km loop No in ride Vet Gates

32km PR - 10:00 - 11:00 1 x 32km loop No in ride Vet Gates

16km PR - 11:00 - 11.30 1 x 16km loop No in ride Vet Gates

All Vet Gates will have 40 min hold unless notified otherwise by the vets on the day of the ride

Present time to vets - In-ride vet gates: 20 minutes - At finish: 30 minutes

Maximum Heart Rate 64bpm at all vet checks.

St Patrick's Coast 2017 Maps

Please note marking on the route will be the final instructions for riders. Harvesting and other activities may enforce small route changes to be added since the maps were published so always follow the route markings on course.

St Patrick's Coast 2017 Rider Notes

All riders should please download and read this document before starting the event. There will also be a version in your your rider pack which you will get when you register on the day.

These notes are designed to offer guidance on the course and notes on taking part at the ride to help everyone get the most from it in a safe and enjoyable way.

Rider Notes

St. Patrick's Coast BBQ

Saturday Night Farmers BBQ

We are also hosting a Farmers and Prizegiving BBQ on the Saturday evening after the ride. We would encourage anyone who can stay to please come along and support the event. It is our chance to say thank you to many of the farmers and landowners over whose land you will ride. Stabling and Camping is available, there are many local B&Bs as well - why not make a weekend out of it and join us for some great criac and good food after the ride. It is open to everyone - book your tickets for the BBQ, Camping and Stabling with your entry - or when registering for the ride in the ride office before starting.

Please note there will not be a bar at this event so you need to BYO.

St. Patrick's Coast Pleasure Ride Trophy

At St. Patrick's Coast we have a trophy for the best Pleasure Rider.

It is open to everyone doing a Pleasure Ride whether a member of ILDRA or not. You can also compete if doing either the 16km or 32km ride.

Scoring is based on a recognised endurance formula that factors in the distance ridden, your speed/time taken and your final Heart Rate. These figures are all put into the system and a score comes out giving us a winner. It could be you...

To compete for this trophy all you need to do is present yourself to the vets for a pre-ride vetting after you have checked in and got your number and before setting out. Make sure your start and finish times are recorded by the stewards and then within 30 minutes of finishing re-present to the vets for a final vet check - you, well your horses, heart rate must be below 64bps.

It costs no extra - your standard Pleasure Ride entry covers this competition so why not add an extra degree of interest to the day and have a go. Just vetting after will give you a good indication of your horses fitness.