Endurance Riding Ireland


  1. This Protocol applies to all ILDRA organised rides until further notice.
  2. References to "government advice" means the advice and directions issued by government agencies in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland concerning the Covid 19 pandemic as are applicable on the day of the ride.
  3. ILDRA shall apply the government advice to the organisation of its rides as are applicable to the geographic location of the ride. In addition, participants travelling to and from the ride should apply the government advice as applies to the jurisdiction they are travelling in at the time.
  4. ILDRA shall apply any conditions imposed by the land owner(s) upon whose land the ride is based, or over which it crosses.
  5. ILDRA will also take into account any guidance issued by Horse Sport Ireland and the Endurance Committee of Horse Sport Ireland.
  6. Save as are amended by this Protocol the ILDRA Riding Rules shall apply.



  1. Only members of ILDRA can enter a ride and entry must be on-line.
  2. Entry will require a member, or a parent if the member is under 18, to confirm their acceptance of the conditions of riding which will include a declaration that they and any person travelling with them are not displaying any of the stated symptoms in government advice of Covid 19 infection and have not done so within the previous 14 days.
  3. A start time will be allocated to each rider. A maximum number of riders for each ride will be set by ILDRA and this shall not be exceeded.
  4. A rider can only attend with one crew member, who shall be from their own household, and shall travel in the same vehicle.
  5. A rider shall print a copy of their confirmation of entry.


  1. A Covid 19 Compliance Officer ("CCO") shall be appointed for each ride.
  2. Riders and their crews must comply with any direction given to them by the CCO, the Ride Organiser, or anyone acting under their authority. Failure to comply with a direction may result in disciplinary action being taken against the member.
  3. On arrival, the member shall display the printed confirmation of entry on their windscreen, and shall stop at the entry halt and await further instruction, which will include a direction to their pre-allocated parking area.
  4. Presentation of the confirmation of entry at the entry halt shall imply a declaration on behalf of the rider that no person in their vehicle is displaying any of the stated symptoms in government advice at that time.
  5. No other vehicle will be admitted to the venue.
  6. The CCO, the Ride organiser, or anyone acting under their authority may refuse entry for any reason, or may instruct any person to leave the venue at any time, for any reason.
  7. Riders should bring their own sanitation equipment, human and equine first aid equipment, human and equine food and drink, and toilet facilities. Sharing is not permitted except between those members of the same household who have travelled together to the venue.
  8. No paperwork or cash will be passed between the riders and the organisers, and riders must present tacked and mounted to the start point with their ride entry at their designated time of starting and must ensure their start has been registered.
  9. Riders and their crews must maintain the current social distancing in accordance with government advice, although they will be permitted to ride in small groups as permitted by government advice.
  10. Should the ride require vetting by a veterinary surgeon, specific instructions concerning this ride and the provisions relating to the vetting will be published beforehand.
  11. At the conclusion of the ride, the rider must present to the Ride Organiser and ensure that their return has been registered.
  12. No rosette or paperwork concerning the ride will be provided, but if a rider wishes a record of their participation, they must advise the organiser and it will be provided by email after the ride.


  1. As soon as is practicable, taking into account the welfare of the horse, the rider should leave the venue.


  1. Social distancing at a length determined by government advice shall apply throughout the venue at all times.

Issued by the Board of Directors of ILDRA the 10th June 2020.