Endurance Riding Ireland

Ride Entry Fees

List of all ILDRA rides and the associated entry fees listed below.

Links to the on-line entry system and the entry forms are on right panel (below on mobiles)

For a Pleasure Ride you just need to turn up on the day and pay the ride organiser.

CTRs must be entered in advance: Ulster Branch using the form or On-line, Leinster Branch with form - contact Ride Organiser for more information (details on ride page on web site).

Entries close 5 days before the event - Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Ride Organiser with a late entry fee of £10.00 (OR Euro equivalent) contact ride organiser directly.


Distance £
Ulster Branch

16km (10 miles)
Pre Novice
£15.00 €12.00
32km (20 miles)
£25.00 €25.00


Distance £
Ulster Branch

Adult Member £10.00 €15.00
Junior Member £8.00 €10.00
Adult Non-Member £15.00 €20.00
Junior Non-Member £10.00 €15.00

Members with rigistered horses may enter on-line otherwise all other please just turn up and enter with the Ride Organiser on the day.


Distance £
Ulster Branch

80km (50 miles) £33.00 €45.00
120km (75 miles) £40.00 €50.00
160km (100 miles) £46.00 €55.00

Pony Club

Ulster Branch Only

Distance £
Ulster Branch
Robin & Merlin £15.00
Kestrel & Osprey £20.00
Eagle £25.00

Pony Club rides must entered in advance on-line or using the entry form. Entries close on the Tue night before the ride.