Endurance Riding Ireland

ILDRA Management Structure

ILDRA is run by a Board of Directors elected each year at the AGM.

The organisation is split into branches or regions, currently Ulster and Leinster are active and running a full series of rides.

The organisation is always looking for enthusiastic supporters to get involved at both branch and national level so if you are interested do please speak to a local ride organiser or fill in the enquiry form here.

ILDRA Board Members

Director appointed by AGM Helen McFarland
Director appointed by AGM Cora Roache
Director appointed by AGM Neil Anderson
Director to be appointed by Lenister Branch TBA
Director to be appointed by Ulster Branch Kathy Conly

After the EGM held on 24th November 2018 the number of directors was reduced from a minimum of 8 and maximun of 26 to 3 appointed by the AGM and 1 from each of the current branches.

International Representation


The Indecon Report has meant that HSI is undergoing major reorganisation and restructuring - Currently the form of ILDRA involment is still being established.


Ulster Branch Committee 2019

Chairman Neil Anderson
Member John Anderson
Secretary & Young Rider Development Hannah Catterall
Treasurer David McFarland
PR Emma Hayes
Member Kathy Conly
Member John Anderson
Member David Cunningham
Member Declan Lynch
Member Kirsten Conly
Member Tasha Anderson
Child Protection Officer Ros Morecomb