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ILDRA membership runs on an annual (from 1st Jan) basis with several categories, each with different benefits. They are outlined below and a membership form can be downloaded from the link to the right of this page. Alternatively membership can be paid on-line by credit card or by direct debit, see the links to the right as well.

Covid19 Membership extension

In recognition of the changed circumstances resulting from Covid19, all members who have paid annual membership fees for 2020 will be able to carry over their memberships for 2021 without further payment.

Prices 2020

Details of categories below
Category £GBP €EURO
Full Adult £ 35.00 € 40.00
Full Junior £ 20.00 € 22.50
Pleasure Ride Adult £ 30.00 € 35.00
Pleasure Ride Junior £ 20.00 € 22.50
Family Membership £ 70.00 € 80.00
Full Student Membership £ 30.00 € 35.00
Pleasure Ride Student Membership £ 25.00 € 30.00
Pleasure Ride OAP £ 15.00 € 15.00
Supporter Membership £ 15.00 € 15.00
Annual Log Books £ 7.50 € 8.00

Forms and Payment Links

ILDRA Membership Credit/Debit Card

ILDRA Membership Form

2020 - You can Renew and/or Join your Membership and Pay on line using Credit or Debit Card in both £GBP and €EURO

Use the On-Line link above.

Horse Logbooks

All horses and poines doing competitive (CTR or ER) rides MUST be registered and hold a current and valid ILDRA Log book.

Pleasure ride only members may also register their horses.

Once registered you and your horse become eligible for mileage and other awards, at branch and national level. See awards section of this web site for more details.

Fee: £ 7.50 - € 8.00 per horse or pony per annum.

Members, with registered horses, can enter rides on-line - advance entry is compulsory for Competitve Rides and optional for Pleasure Rides.

5th Jan 2018 - Following representations from Leinster Branch, the sterling fees for log books has been increased to £7.50 with immediate effect. This is to reflect the fluctuating currency levels of sterling and euro.

On-line ILDRA Horse Registration Form

ILDRA Horse Registration Form

If paying by on-line Credit or Debit card please add the horse registrations to your membership basket and pay for all in one transaction. You can also register a horse separately if required

Annual Membership

Full Adult Member

CTRs & PRs
Full voting rights

Full Junior Member

CTRs & PRs
under 18 on 1st Jan

Adult Pleasure Rides Only

PRs Only
Full voting rights

Student Member

CTRs & PRs
Full voting rights
must be acompanied by a valid student card

Student Member Pleasure Rides Only

PRs Only
Full voting rights
must be acompanied by a valid student card


PRs Only
Full voting rights
OAP - Over 55 on 1st Jan


Non riding member

Family Membership

CTRs & PRs
Full voting rights for up to 2 adult members


CTR - Competitive Rides
PR - Pleasure Rides