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ILDRA Directors' Report Spring 2019 Update

13 May 19

Further to the recent directors' Spring report, the ILDRA board has been asked to clarify the present position as regards its affiliate status. The board of directors is advised by Horse Sport Ireland that a stay has been put on its affiliate status pending the outcome of the implementation of mediation recommendations by the Endurance Implementation Taskforce. It was confirmed by HSI that the stay would have no effect on ILDRA's international athletes for 2019 and that ILDRA could continue to conduct its normal business.

The mediation recommendations, which have been available to members from their respective branches, contain a number of proposals which the directors (and the Ulster Branch Committee) consider to be financially and administratively unworkable and this has been communicated to HSI. HSI however requires those participating in the Endurance Implementation Taskforce to agree the implementation of the mediation proposals without any opportunity to vary them. This position is not acceptable to the board which is therefore effectively barred from participating in the Endurance Implementation Taskforce.

Representations have been made to HSI on the matter.

The board of directors continues in its commitment to serve the interests of all Irish Endurance riders and the Association and will continue to keep members advised of developments.

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