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Board of directors meeting 14th July 2019

19 Jul 19

The directors unanimously:-

1) Noted the minutes of previous meeting, (already approved), no matters arising.

2) Approved the 2018 draft accounts subject to auditing

3) Approved the National Championships schedule at St.Patrick's Coast Ride on Saturday 7th September 2019.

4) Approved arrangements for the forthcoming Home International/Celtic Challenge competitions, including issuing an invitation to Endurance Ireland members to participate in the Irish team.

5) Branch Reports:

Ulster Branch
Ulster Branch rides have been well attended including a recent bbq.

Leinster Branch
No response has been received to requests for information regarding Leinster Branch activities and there are reports of a new endurance group involving some members of the Leinster Branch Committee. No recent resignations from the committee have been reported to the directors although the chairman Peter O'Carroll has declined further communication regarding ILDRA.

A Companies Office search revealed that steps had been taken to promote a new organisation as far back as June 2018 as follows;

(i) On 22nd June 2018, three serving directors of ILDRA including the then chairman (Peter O'Carroll, Andrea O'Carroll and John Ryan) signed as subscribers, the Memorandum and Articles of Association of a proposed company called Endurance Riding Eireann, its objects being "to carry on the business of promotion and administration of the sport of endurance riding in Ireland and anything ancillary to above".

(ii) Endurance Riding Eireann was incorporated on 2nd November 2018 with Peter O'Carroll, Andrea O'Carroll and John Ryan as its directors.

The board noted no formal disclosure of the above matters had been made to either the ILDRA directors or the members of Leinster Branch and that Peter O'Carroll, Andrea O'Carroll and John Ryan had all represented ILDRA Leinster Branch in the mediation process organised by Horse Sport Ireland on 19th March 2019 without making disclosure of their directorships in Endurance Riding Eireann to the other parties in mediation.

The board unanimously considered it necessary to call an EGM of Leinster Branch to consider the future of the Branch, details to follow.

Helen McFarland
Chairman ILDRA board of directors.

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