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Shane's Castle (incorporating Randlestown Forest)


CTR, PR, RC & PC (Up to 80km)


Sun 23 Jun 2019


   Ulster Branch

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Report & Results:

ILDRA (Irish Long Distance Riding Association) returned to the wonderful Shane’s Castle Estate and Randalstown Forest Park for a range of Competitive Trail Rides (CTRs) and Pleasure Rides on the 23rd of June. The forecast took a change from the recent norm and offered warm, dry weather which made for perfect riding conditions to enjoy the beautiful views along the River Maine towards Lough Neagh and through the woodlands of Randalstown Forest Park. Eagle-eyed riders were able to spot the range of birds of prey visible in Randalstown Forest at the World of Owls located near here. Riders also had the opportunity to ride through one of the filming locations used in the popular Game of Thrones series.

David Nealon, MRCVS, was kept extremely busy with the several regular CTR riders as well as guiding new riders and their horses through the vetting procedure. Farm Week’s very own Bree Rutledge completed her first Pre-Novice CTR with ILDRA riding 10 miles with her homebred horse ‘Clovermount Rhinestone’ with aspirations to continue their endurance career together to partake in this year’s HICC competition held at the British Horse Feed’s Red Dragon Festival of Endurance.

Pony Club rider Ella Anderson also completed her first Pre-Novice CTR of 10 miles on ‘Opal’ accompanied by fellow Pony Club rider Amy Murphy on ‘Sweet Honey Bee’. Regular TREC competitors Jayne Woodward on ‘Boycie’ and Arlene Jackson on ‘Prima Rosa’ also completed their first Pre-Novice CTRs with ILDRA with both horses and riders completing a course of 10 miles. Congratulations go to all of the new riders and horses for completing their first CTRs with ILDRA and beginning their endurance careers.

Congratulations also go to Gail Hadden and Diesel for completing their first 20-mile CTR and beginning their qualification process to obtain their Bronze Shamrock. The ILDRA Shamrock Grading Systems allows riders to gradually progress through the grades of endurance, building up their horse’s fitness and stamina to be able to compete at their desired level of competition whether that is regular 20-mile CTRs or partaking in FEI level events of 100-mile competitions.

ILDRA’s next ride takes place at Woodburn Forest Park offering pleasure rides on Saturday the 6th of July with this ride also incorporating the annual ILDRA BBQ. Please note that you must been your own meat to this ride, there will be BBQ facilities available at this event and that venue parking takes place at Woodburn Presbyterian Church car park. For further information contact the ride organisers Karina McVeigh and Ruth Lyness or through ILDRA’s website and Facebook page.



10 miles (16km)

Bree Rutledge on Clovermount Rhinestone, Jayne Woodward on Boycie, Arlene Jackson on Prima Rosa, Amy Murphy on Sweet Honey Bee, Ella Anderson on Opal.

20 miles (32km)

Gail Hadden on Diesel, Ruth Lyness on Autumn Whisper, Jocelyn Willis on Sam.

25 miles (40km)

Emma Hayes on Yasser Arafat.

30 miles (48km)

Helen McFarland on She Stoops to Conquer.

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More Details:

We return to the popular venue of Shane's Castle for the second time this year.

A great ride and suitable for all levels from shorter Pony Club rides to 80km (50 mile)CTRs.

Fairly flat course is great to accompany younger riders. Entries welcome from Pony Club members with official Pony Club log cards. Rosettes available for all completions. Adults can also ride with juniors or accompany, if required, on bikes or for shorter rides on foot.

CTRs vetting at 9:00am - Pony Clubers vetting at 9:30am - Pleasure rides from 10:00am - last start time 1:30pm. 

(Check Facebook before travelling to confirm times)

Remember all competitive rides (CTRs and Pony Club) must be entered in advance with payment included - by post to ride organiser or using the on-line system - see links below

All welcome.