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Ballydugan, Downpatrick


CTR, Vetted Pleasure Rides and Pleasure Rides Only


Sun 12 Sep 2021




   Ulster Branch

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Ballydugan Ride returns this year in place of St. Patrick's Coast once again. We fully to run St. Patrick's Coast Ride in all its glory again in 2022, Covid allowing.

Ballydugan will host Pleasure Rides of 16km [10 miles] (or up to 32km [20 mile] for the braver), a Vetted Pleasure ride of about 25km [15miles] and 32km [20 miles] as well as CTRs of 32km [20 miles], 40km [25 miles] & 48km [30 miles].

We are delighted to open this ride to both members and non-member but are offering early priority entry to members as numbers will still be limited.

If you are a member don't miss out and get your entry in as quickly as you can, they open on Day Fri 20th Aug at 8:00pm. Entries for non-members open 48 hours later on Sun 22nd Aug also at 8:00pm.

Please note the ride will be based at Downpatrick Racecourse and the route will be similar to last year subject to crops and harvesting, it will incorporate lanes and trails, the old gallops, old railway lines, forest and, subject to harvest, plenty of open stubble ground. Anyone not wanting the big open fields can stick to lanes and tracks for most of it.

There will be NO facilities open at the racecourse so bring your own water and picnic for both horse and rider, and, as there is racing the following weekend, there will be NO ACCESS to the race course itself.

The member entry fee is as normal - non-members entry fee will be £20.00.

Strict Covid protocol will still be in place and you will be sent a start time the day before the ride by email. Please arrive approx 20 mins before this time (for competitive rides allow extra time for vetting) so you are ready to start at the scheduled time. There is ample space for parking at the racecourse but please adhere to the stewards instructions, park well apart and adhere to social distancing throughout the venue. For vetting the person presenting the horse MUST wear a facemask.

Rosettes and vet sheets will be sent out by post after the ride.

As there is ample parking, picnics after your ride are allowed but please restrict numbers of gathering in groups to official guidelines as they stand on the day and head for home as soon as finished.

All riders are reminded that they must check out at the start of the ride with the starter and again at the finish check back in again, no exception. Competitive (Vetted Pleasure and CTR riders) must of course have their time recorded at start and finish as well.

There will be no mid-ride vetting, each full loop will be 16km with a return back through the racecourse in the middle of each loop meaning you can ride multiple loops and if necessary stop at the 1/2 way-point allowing for 25km and 40km routes.

If you are not riding and would like to help please contact the organiser. We have a number of road crossings and other stewarding duties to cover and all help is much appreciated. 

The weeknd before the ride we will be finishing off the course preparation and anyone able to give up a few hours to help would be most welcome. Please call the ride organiser for details.

We would like to thank all the landowners, incl. Downpatrick Racecourse, for allowing us access to their facilities. Without this we could just not run this ride.

Remember - don't miss out on an entry, when your entries open enter asap as numbers are still limited, don't be disappointed.